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Bitcoin community spotlight: johnniewalker

Let’s set aside some time today to get to know one of the outstanding members of the Bitcoin community a bit better. In the spotlight today is one johnniewalker, whose entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to all of us.

He introduces himself with the following:

I’m johnniewalker! I’m interested in conducting business in the marketplace section. I have a variety of goods I’m interested in and will have an ever-changing supply of goods to offer. Primarily (as you may have guessed by my name) I am interested in brewerania, rare alcohol, foreign alcohol, etc. If you are looking for anything along those lines, I’m your man! Nice to meet everyone :)

After this he goes about becoming part of the community, discussing whatever it is that Bitcoiners discuss. He doesn’t waste too much time though, getting down to business, offering Cuban rumbrass knuckles (never used!) cigars, and cans of pepper spray of questionable origin. This isn’t where johnniewalker shines though. You see, our intrepid friend here happens to be an amateur metallurgist, smelting his own silver ingots at home. In his back yard. on his patio covered with flammable things.

This wonderful video series came about as a result of a conflict with the questionably named AfricanHunter, who had purchased one of the “ingots” and found it to be lacking in quality. You see, johnniewalker sold tiny silver bars of what he assumed to be .99 silver but just in case he was wrong, he sent along an actual silver coin, so everything’s all good! AfricanHunter, however, was unimpressed and had the silver professionally assayed, finding that it was between .925 and .88 pure. This led to a demand for a refund or replacement and a patented Bitcointalk meltdown, Bitcoiners chose sides, and eventually AfricanHunter gave up because it had become clear that he’d been scammed.

Our new friend johnniewalker wasn’t done there, however, and after this flameout, he returns to selling old coins, contraband, and random useless junk. He’s then struck with inspiration, and is buying Bitcoin-related domain names, then marking them up four to five times actual registration costs and selling them to suckers for their hard-”earned” digital currency:

“Warm wallet.” Eww. The mess of useless domains above is his newest plan to get rich, along with the (likely fake) Cuban cigars, pepper spray, Bitcoin bills, and lumpy chips of impure silver. He may seem like just another clueless, metal hoarding libertarian, but he’s on his way up Up UP! and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on him as he takes the Bitcoin world by storm, or at least until he earns a “SCAMMER” tag on the forums and has to re-register to hide his shame.

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Posted by killhamster - January 28, 2013 at 11:48 am

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