Butterfly Labs demo is hot

Last week the annual International CES was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where consumer electronics manufacturers could display and demo thousands of iPhone cases and televisions. Burried deep in CES, we found a Bitcoin booth manned by Bitpay and Butterfly Labs who is a company making specialized bitcoin mining hardware.  In the past it’s manufactured FPGA mining rigs for the Bitcoin elite and now promise an even more efficient miner, containing ASICs, making it fastest bitcoin miner by a factor of well over 100.

No PCI Compliance! Fraud protection is for chumps!

Finally, at CES, BFL had an exciting mockup of their new ASIC Mini Rig miners.


Of course it's Android

As can clearly be seen here, it contains an Android tablet (a Nexus 7, to be exact) showing the built in mining screen.  Bitcoiners were understandably excited, they’ve following the development of this machine for several months.  Those who have pre-ordered one of the expensive mining rigs could finally see what was in store for them.  Here’s a look at the booth on a busy day at CES:

That is their "booth babe."