Buttcoin pizza

Bitcoiners absolutely love their pizza, probably more than Cheetos and Mountain Dew. The first Bitcoin purchase was a pizza (trading Bitcoins for real money for pizza, of course, nobody actually accepts Bitcoin,) and it comes up again and again, along with less appealing food like dried strawberries or frightening beef jerky.

Now you, too, can throw your fake money away for greasy cardboard at the first Bitcoin pizza proxy service. Pay PizzaForCoins.com a stack of digital Pogs and they’ll convert it to actual money, call your local Domino’s (no good pizza joints allowed,) and order you a pile of cheese and questionable toppings. It will only take an extra twenty or thirty minutes to process the Bitcoin payment and have some random person read and convey your order (maybe even accurately!)

I’m not actually going to try to order a cheap pizza via Buttcoiner, so I’ll just assume there’s no option to tip your driver.

Stated elsewhere, “[t]he site does not disclose if it is intended to be a profit-earning enterprise.” It’s Bitcoin, so it’s nothing but pure 10% profit!