bASIC overheats, releases magic smoke

Last night Tom from bASIC, “Next generation Bitcoin mining hardware” built in his garage,¬†blew a gasket:

these type of threads are BULLSHIT

we have always honored our refund requests but a thread like this basically just kills my business

Ask yourself this question:

Do you want a nice friendly refund as we have been giving or do you want to completely put me out of business?

because if you completely put me out of business than you are going to have to come to NY to take me to small claims court.

ask yourself this question, do you really want to come to NY to take me to small claims court? or do you just want to wait your turn and quietly get your requested refund as hundreds of people already have. Keep with the mob mentality its only going to keep you separated from your money longer.

this thread is bad for anyone seeking a refund, and the mods need to take notice and remove threads such as this.

this is not good for you. Please stop.

im reporting this to the mods myself – I encourage others to do the same.


This occurred throughout multiple threads on the Bitcointalk forums.

all CC refunds are processed immediately

if you do a chargeback it will take MUCH longer (just the way the process works)

all refund requests should be sent to

there is no delay in CC refunds – only short delay in BTC refunds because we need to buy more BTC

too bad threads like this ruined what could of been one of the best opensource ASIC based miners available.

Go send your money to BFL

blocks will be 12.5 a piece by the time you receive your device

im gone for the night


this is a FUCKING SHAME in the worst kind

we have a completed design and wafers that are nearly completed and chips packaged
all this is grinding to a halt due to mob mentality and massive refunds
i had a good friend who literally has millions of bitcoins step in and say he would save the project

well threads like this have encouraged 90% refund rate, so guess what happens now

I will be forced to sell 16,000 packaged Brute force SHA-256 Bitcoin mining chips to a single buyer who will no doubt use them for their own mining purposes, I dont want to do it but I will have to just to pay the refunds. This mob mentality may be the end of Bitcoin. We will see what this person does with these 16,000 ASICS. but just use your imagination

He’s taking his bits and he’s going home!

this whole project has been ruined by internet trolls, heresay and bullshit

and i dont have the mental energy to carry it forward

im selling the chips
and the design if I can
and im moving on with my life


Sorry pal, Bitcoin has been a joke since day one.

For Sale : 16,000 Brute Force SHA-256 ASICS – PACKAGED AND READY TO GO



This is all vehemently denied shortly afterwards:

Cablepair’s account is compromised. Please treat any correspondence with him as fake until we can confirm that he has obtained control back to his account.

And of course everything’s been hidden away so nobody can see the public freakout. Presumably the sack full of chips is no longer available for purchase.


EDITED TO ADD: bASIC is throwing in the towel for good.

First I want everyone to know – that all that nonsense that was posted on the Bitcointalk forum last night was not me. In fact I have not been on that forum in quite a while. My forum account was compromised and some people had some fun with it. I can’t even get into the account now – so I am assuming that the admins checked the IP address and realized it was not me posting like a madman and locked my account for me. Either that or the intruder changed the password on me. Either way please DO NOT trust or believe anything that has been or is being posted by my Bitcointalk forum account. I plan to email theymos in a few moments to get my account back – I will update you when I once again have control over the account.

Many people have contacted me about buying these 16,000 chips – God I wished I had them, but I am sorry that post was not made by me and I do not have 16,000 chips to sell. I have to pay the second part of the deposit to receive the chips and I am not sure I will even be able to do that – although I am not giving up on the notion. I decided to not accept the loan that was offered to me to keep this company going. With a 90% refund rate there really is no point.


I have the list of BTC Refunds and should be making those today.
All other CC orders will automatically be refunded today.

I hope you can please accept my deep apologies, I thought I could pull this off but it was just too much of an undertaking for me, I feel ashamed and embarrassed and I am so sorry that I could not come through for you. Everyone will receive their refunds. As a matter of fact I am starting on them now.

This will take a little time, we are talking thousands of refunds. I wish there was just a “refund all” button but unfortunately there is not one and I have to do this manually.

this forum will be locked from this point forward – if I need to tell you anything else I will post again otherwise you will not hear from me – your refund will come automatically and theres no reason for communication.